In which I face Mr. Vivito Volare on the field of honor

I once again focussed my awareness on the metaverse of Second Life expecting to set out on a spate of rapid sight seeing in lands removed from the genteel surrounds of Caledon.  Before I could begin, however, I received notice of an event hosted by the notorious Captain Rachire Wulluf, founder of the Crimson Pirates.  He was holding and En Garde learning session that afternoon at his establishment in Morgaine, the Wicked Wench

For the uninformed, En Garde is a fencing game developed by Rifkin Habsburg and distributed by Procyon Games.  I had seen the play areas, called a piste, scattered about Caledon and was intrigued.  So, I translocated to the Wicked Wench to take part in the class.  About a half-dozen other people had also come to either participate or watch, including the lovely and dangerous Dame Fogwoman Gray and her paramour the talented constructor of steampunkery, and “Duke” of Caer Firnas, Mr. Vivito Volare.


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