The Animus Speaks – About Opera

Dear readers,

I am once again compelled by The Animus to pass along the following communique.  Please forgive the interruption.

Hello, it’s me again.  I’ve been listening to Radio Riel all day today.  The programming of the day is mostly opera and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, almost as much as I enjoy the Celtic music days.  Anyway, this infusion of librettos brought to mind an earlier epoch in my First Life.

Many years ago, about 20 actually (Yikes!), I was actually able to carry a tune in a bucket.  Too many years in a US Navy ship’s engine room ruined my musical ear since then and I tend to be rather flat now.  But, back then I had a fairly competent ability as a bass/baritone.  At least my vocal instructor in University thought so.  He cast me in a minor part in the opera Gianni Schicchi, one of the witnesses to the will, Pinellino or Guccio I can’t remember which. (more…)

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