A Serendipitous Confluence of Circumstances

There are times when I am amazed by the way circumstances seem to weave themselves into just the right pattern according to ones current situation or frame of mind.  I have a few thoughts to share on this that require more than the 140 characters permitted by Twitter.

In this particular case, the Animus will be travelling to a distant place this weekend to celebrate the retirement of  a dear friend from the US Navy.  We leave on the morrow and so I will be mostly incommunicado until at least Monday night.  Looking over the various Steamlands calendars I see that I will unfortunately miss some promising events.  On Friday there will be a welcome party and concert by Tanstaafl Constantine in Cape Wrath.   Saturday’s events include the Marzipan Teahouse Formal Ball and a meeting of the Caledon Paranormal Society in which the topic of discussion will be “Soul Mates and Paranormal connections to water” (topics of particular interest to me at the moment).  This Sunday the New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square ((End the Tyranny!)) Ehem!  will host a Music Appreciation Night with Joshua Pfeiffer from the Vernian Process. (more…)


In which We Throw books and Slam Poetry at der Hut des Jaeger

Last night I had the pleasure to attend my first Poetry slam at der Hut des Jaeger in Winterfell Absinthe .  Miss Rae and I arrived at about 5:00pm SLT and were warmly greeted by Captain Velesjaeger Munster and Miss Annechen Lowey.  We were soon joined by Miss Emilin Nakamori who shared with us a marvelous new creation of hers called a Chain Drive.  I enjoyed a cup of the famous Spark Roast coffee while others arrived, including the illustrious Dr. Darien Mason, the lovely Miss Emily Orr and  an exotic looking Miss Searra Weatherwax.  Dr. Mason informed us that a new physician, Hope Greier, has set up an infirmary in Tanglewood.  She is apparently Gorean, but of the enlightened sort.

Miss Nakamori started of the evening with a Haiku

Concrete, glass and steel
As far as the eye can see.
Spring still brings flowers.

Since this was my first attendance at one of these events I was surprised by the storm of books that suddenly went flying through the air and filling up the Hut.  Apparently book showers serve as applause at a Poetry Slam.  Great fun certainly, but I think Sir JJ would not approve.  (more…)

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