On Observations, Aspirations and Attitudes (part second)

(I beg your patience, once again, dear reader, as I continue the introspection of my previous entry.)

Those who have been following this journal will know that the progress of my Walking Tour of Caledon has been rather slow.  To date I have more-or-less thoroughly explored only a handful of the many regions of the State.  Looking back I see the reasons for this are manyfold.  First, the methodical approach I referenced previously means it takes me quite a while to cover the more densely laid out regions.  Second, I do occasionally fall victim to Aether storms, especially in more urbanized regions (and most especially in those with heavy use of Inscription a la Steam SkyCity) which renders my progress dreadfully slow.  Third, I continuously find myself distracted by the pursuit of other activities, be that stuttering attempts at Conjuration and Inscription, attending some dance, builder blitz or other such gathering or merely following the pull of curiosity.  Nevertheless, I continue to plug away and am confident that I will soon have traversed the length and breadth of Caledon. (more…)

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On Observations, Aspirations and Attitudes (part first)

As noted in an earlier post I have reached something of a shift in my circumstances within the Second Life metaverse.  At such times it is often beneficial to reflect upon one’s situation, what has brought one to this point and whither goest one from here.  And so, dear reader, I beg your patience as I indulge in a bit of “navel gazing.”

“Whence came you…”

My rezday is 1 Sep., 2008; however, I did not become truly active in Second Life until February of this year.  Other metaversal excursions I  had undertaken had quickly devolved to a grinding pursuit of  riches at the expense of enrichment.  So, I determined I would abandon the profit motive entirely, and exist as much as possible with a zero L$ balance.  I set out to explore the grid, seeing what there was to see and experiencing as much as I possibly could without having to pay for it.  At the time I merely wanted to observe the multi-varied diversity of this fascinating realm. (more…)

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