The Tiger Turns Two

On this day two years ago he arose from the fiery bowel of hell this demon ..arising from the sulphur, fire and brimstone to blaze a molten hot trail through the electrromagnetic confines of Ssecond Life, broke free from the bonds of the electromagnetic cyberaethers, bringing forth .. mystery and intrique..what is the truth behind his denomic animal attraction …

OK, a little over the top maybe?  Well, some things call for a little flash and dash.

Today, 1 Sept, 2010, your friendly neighborhood tiger celebrates his 2nd rezday.

Some of my friends decided to throw a party for me.  So, come on down to the Empress tonight, starting at 6PM SLT we have two great LIVE shows.  Around 8PM  Miss Reghan Straaf will take over the stream and entertain us with her fabulously eclectic collection of musical selections.  I’ll have some pictures to post afterward.

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In Which Emperor Calamari Receives a Pleasant Rezday Surprise

There were a great many wonderful events and activities this past weekend.  Unfortunately, the need for extensive meditation, ritual sacrifice and rites of devotion to the Divine Feminine kept me away from most of them.  For instance, I missed what was from all accounts a truly magnificent performance by the Marzipan Sweeties dance revue.  For an accounting of this event I direct you to Mr. Mako Magellan’s review in the Victorian Second Life ning entitled “‘Glamour’ comes to the Marzipan”.  Miss Woolley has put together a truly magnificent troupe of talented ladies.  I look forward to their further performances.

This past weekend also saw the Warming Day celebration in Orcadia, the launching of Issue #6 of The Primgraph and a welcoming tea in New Toulouse.   The one event I was able to attend was the Belated RezDay celebration for His Imperial Majesty, Emperor SteelCobra Calamari, the benevolent ruler of Steeltopia. (more…)

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