In which I am outfitted for duty and patrol the colony

My next priority after furnishing my home was to get myself properly outfitted for my duties as a Gardai.  A quick bit of  scrying revealed that Colonel McMahon was active so I sent him a message asking what I needed by way of accoutrement.  He replied that a uniform and horse were in order and that he would take me shopping to get them. 

Our first stop was the main store of Mr. Mako Magellan, one of Caledon’s premier clothiers, and one of the three landholders of the Magellan colony.  There he gave me the funds to purchase the Caledon Light Horse Ceremonial Outfit which included the Light Horse Dragoons Ceremonial Uniform, Hunting Boots and Regency Court Sword.  After taking a few minutes to adjust a few pieces for fit I cut quite a fine figure. (more…)


In which I chase shadows and find a useful new tool

Chasing Shadows

I continue to struggle with getting the shadow on my sundial to look just right.  Maybe I’m putting too much effort into it.  Or, maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle, as it were.  I’ve tried a plain triangular shadow, then discovered that rotation from the center did not give the desired effect.  In order to shift the rotation point I set a small sphere some distance away and linked it to my shadow object.  (This explanation would go better if I supplied images, I suppose.  But, so far my attempts to do so have resulted in unwanted discontinuity)  This effectively moved the rotation point, but then it would only work for a quarter turn before it failed to resemble a true shadow.  I considered using copies of the linked construction, rotated and flipped, to complete the rest of the needed rotation, but that proved overly complex, and added two more primary objects for each copy. (more…)

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Updates and Happenings of Minor Consequence

I took the opportunity to register with the En Garde system and discovered that in my one bout with Duke Volare earned me 183 points placing me at number 103 in the current rankings (out of 575).   True, my momentary glory will only last a couple of weeks, but one takes what strokes one can.

I visited a place called YadNi’s Junkyard, a property on the main landmass of the Second Life Grid where one may find a plethora of so-called “freebies”, items available for no cost.  I availed myself of several of these and will spend some time perusing them later. (more…)

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