In which I complete a project, rashly volunteer and secure a position

I have not been inactive during my brief excursion into matters philosophical.  On the contrary, I have in fact experienced three significant events which I will now detail.

To Follow the Sun

My first significant achievement was to successfully complete my sundial project.  Actually, I say I have completed it; but, in truth there may be some modifications necessary in the future.  For now, however, I have made sufficient progress to actually set the working prototype in front of my cottage.  I do hope Mr. Magellan, Miss Woolley and Colonel McMahon do not object.  (insert picture here)



In which I return to the Sandbox for further experimentation

I return once again to the Sandbox to see if I can successfully command a wall to rise.  Since my previous session I have read more of the works of Mr. Morgridge wherein I found a treatise in two parts detailing the method of communicating commands among linked primitives.  In short, the method involves the use of the power word llMessageLinked to pass commands and parameters from the master prim to the recerivers.  If you care to read the entire explanation I refer you to the following  (part first part second.)  As this would be the crux of the operation for my Maze I was eager to attempt to adapt his formula to my needs.  (more…)

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In which I continue my attempt to make a wall behave

Warning:  This article is a continuation of the one before; therefore, it will likewise contain arcane minutiae regarding Conjuration and Inscription.  I hope that someone learns from the things I’ve done wrong.

Another Take and Conjuration proved that I had indeed solved the issue of the wayward wall.  All was not yet perfect, however.  Raising and lowering the wall still caused it to veer slightly off true perpendicular.  I surmised that this drift may perhaps be due to  my wall being, as yet, a free standing structure. 

I quickly constructed two rectangular columns, hollowed and path cut to leave one side open, that would serve as channels and supports for my wall.  I should note that I also reduced the dimensions of the wall to 5m x 0.25m x 4m as I determined that in the final construction this would result in 5m wide corridors.  10m sections would be used for the external, unmoving, walls only. (more…)

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In which I raise a wall and encounter physical difficulties

Warning:  This article will contain arcane minutiae regarding the mysteries of conjuration and inscription, topics possibly only of interest to Sorcerers and Code Poets.  It is my hope that sharing these things as I, a mere fledgeling in these matters myself, discover them will help others on the path to enlightenment.  If you, dear reader, can learn from my mistakes, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

I have in mind another rather ambitious project on a somewhat grander scale than the sundial.  Simply stated, I hope to construct a configurable maze.  Instead of hedges, however, my maze shall be constructed of steel walls arranged on a grid that can be raised and/or lowered to form the paths of the maze.  Preferably, there will be a control panel of sorts from which one will choose from a selection of maze configurations after which the many wall sections will arrange themselves accordingly.  If not particularly difficult from a construction standpoint, I think that the coordination of movement among the several pieces will be a significant challenge. (more…)

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In which I begin a challenging construction

Having seen so many wonderful creations in and about Steam SkyCity I felt the urge to begin a new construction project of my own.  After giving the matter some thought I have come up with a few promising challenges.  One thing that fascinates me is the many ways in which those bound to the mortal coil mark the passage of Time.  Also, in my researches into the mysteries of incantation (a.k.a. “scripting”) as practiced in the SL metaverse I chanced upon an article laying out the formula for causing an object to rotate in reaction to the path of the sun  (Link).  Taking my inspiration from this I have decided to construct a simple Horizontal Sundial with, hopefully, a realistic shadow that will follow the course of the sun. (more…)

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