In which I finally concede that I am a Hobo No More

Yes, friends, the truth will out.  I must finally concede the point.  From my humble beginnings as a penniless, vagabond wanderer I now find myself a settled gentleman with a house to call my own, a place in the Garda Síochána Kinvara and even a salaried position with the Caledon Library as Administrative Assistant to Sir JJ Drinkwater.  The final line was crossed, however, just this last weekend.

I was thinking about possible new conjuration projects and decided to peruse the XStreet SL catalogue to see if anyone had already made something similar to what I was considering.  I used “Tesla” as the search term (that may give you an idea as to the type of project I have in mind) and pulled up many fascinating contraptions, workshops, clothing sets and the like.  One of these, a remarkable Tesla Coil Top Hat, particularly struck my fancy, and I actually desired to purchase it.  Imagine my chagrin. (more…)


In which I chat with old friends in front of the fire and have tea with some new ones

Having had my fill of wrangling with walls I sought out a more sociable diversion.  Pulling up the map of Caledon I noted that there were four souls in Kintyre.  I wanted to get a more complete tour of that duchy; so, I translocated there to see who was about.  One thing I noticed straight away, once the scene had resolved, was that the church I had seen on the Eatern island was no longer there.  It had been replaced with an open air pavilion.  While that is pleasant enough, I suppose, I will miss the church building, especially the grave yard.

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In which I begin a challenging construction

Having seen so many wonderful creations in and about Steam SkyCity I felt the urge to begin a new construction project of my own.  After giving the matter some thought I have come up with a few promising challenges.  One thing that fascinates me is the many ways in which those bound to the mortal coil mark the passage of Time.  Also, in my researches into the mysteries of incantation (a.k.a. “scripting”) as practiced in the SL metaverse I chanced upon an article laying out the formula for causing an object to rotate in reaction to the path of the sun  (Link).  Taking my inspiration from this I have decided to construct a simple Horizontal Sundial with, hopefully, a realistic shadow that will follow the course of the sun. (more…)

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