In which I construct a temporary shelter

My visit with the denizens of Cymru caused me to consider alternative modes of appearance.  Before I can experiment in this area rules of decorum demanded that I find an enclosed space. It would could lead to scandal should one of Caledon’s genteel citizens to come across me in the midst of a transformation or in a state of undress. 

The University at Oxbridge offers dormitory rooms for this purpose which may be had merely by obtaining occupation thereof.  One must not intrude upon a room that has been claimed by another, however.  I was unable to find a vacant room, so I sought elsewhere.  I had heard that there might be rooms available at Steam SkyCity, but I was unable to locate them.

Taking the matter in my own hands, in good Hobo fashion, I resolved to construct a temporary enclosure which I might employ as needed.  Some time ago I had paid a visit to the Ivory Tower Library of Primatives to familiarize myself with the  arcana of conjuration as practiced in the lands of Second Life.  Up to this point, however, I had not attempted to construct anything substantial.  In fact the only thing I had conjured to date was my cane. (more…)

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