In Which a Solution Is Proposed (RP)

I have received a most interesting letter from Miss Puddlegum. (The text from her journal.)  In it she seems agreeable, at least in principle, to a solution to our mutual business which I had thought might require more persuasion.  I had rather despaired of reaching so amicable an arrangement after our last conversation.  I was sure that unreasonable lout of an uncle of hers had spoiled the whole affair.  He apparently believes I pose a serious threat to her.  Quite the contrary, I have nothing but the greatest concern for her health and well being at heart.  Perhaps I should briefly recount the events of the past few weeks so that you, gentle reader, may judge for yourself. (more…)

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In which an eventful weekend leads to many changes

When I returned to awareness on Saturday last I received notice of the NCI Shamrock Hunt.  As I had no particular plans I took up the challenge and translocated to the site of the first shamrock.  What followed was a jolly romp through locations scattered all about the grid. 

There were 42 shamrocks to find.  Some were devilishly difficult while others were immediately evident.  Along the way I was treated to a display of the great diversity of talent and ingenuity of the NCI membership.  Each shamrock provided the location of the next one in the chain as well as a gift freebie.  Many of the stores had other freebies available as well which I duly collected. (more…)

In which I chat with old friends in front of the fire and have tea with some new ones

Having had my fill of wrangling with walls I sought out a more sociable diversion.  Pulling up the map of Caledon I noted that there were four souls in Kintyre.  I wanted to get a more complete tour of that duchy; so, I translocated there to see who was about.  One thing I noticed straight away, once the scene had resolved, was that the church I had seen on the Eatern island was no longer there.  It had been replaced with an open air pavilion.  While that is pleasant enough, I suppose, I will miss the church building, especially the grave yard.

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