In which I ride the train to Caledon On Sea

After spending last two weeks primarily in and around the University at Oxbridge and Oxbridge Village, I decided it was high time I made some progress on my goal of walking the length and breadth of Caledon.

My first purposeful excursion beyond Oxbridge began as I boarded the train at the Oxbridge station.   Being in an adventursome mood I decided to see how far the train would take me.  I first passed through thepicturesque landscapes of the Duchies of Greystoke and Caer Finas.  At this point the train plunged into a tunnel that actually went beneath the waves and along the bottom of the sea past Kintyre and emerged again in the town of SouthEnd.  The train then carried me North through the Caledon Downs, Tamrannoch and finally to Caledon On Sea.  I regret that I cannot comment much on what I saw along the way, but both the speed of the train and the inability of myvision to clear quickly combined ot leave me but fleeting glances at best.  What I did see, however, piqued my curiosity sufficiently that I look forward to a more lengthy visit in the future. (more…)

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